Power to the People!

kids final card ab

Be sure to check out our riveting Power to the People art exhibition of 4th and 5th grade advocacy art at the Hill Center, located at 921 Pennsylvania Ave SE. The work on display is the result of the provocative DCPS Cornerstone initiative and will be hung in the Young Artists Gallery, which is a hallway on the ground floor, east of the main staircase.

We are fortunate enough that the Hill Center has offered to put on a little reception to celebrate the official opening on June 16, 6-7:30 pm – that’s this coming Thursday! Nothing fancy but it will be a good opportunity to let our artists know that their work is appreciated and taken seriously.

Not every student has a piece in the show; many opted for performance art, which we are unable to present in this venue. But I hope some of those kids will come anyway, to support their friends. 
We’d love to see you there!
Ms. Bomba


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