The 2015-2016 A-B-Cs of A-R-T!

Teaching elementary school art is tough work, especially at 40 weeks pregnant! Despite my efforts to stay in the game as long as possible, I eventually had to concede to the restrictions of my growing belly and hand off the duties of StudioMaury to some highly qualified and valued Maury community members (more on their awesomeness below) for the remainder of the school year as I prepared both mentally and physically for the arrival of Baby Morgan (Jeff’s last name–not the name of the baby).IMG_2164(Jeff and I at Honeysuckle Tea House in our home state of NC)

Despite my emphasis on punctuality, we are now eight days beyond our May 17, due date, and baby is either just too cozy, or not a fan of this DC rainy season, and refuses to evacuate. Grrrrrrr! What does an art teacher who misses her students and doesn’t quite know how to walk away from work do with the extra time on her hands?


After falling out of the blogging saddle during my third trimester, I am happy to use this “free time” to compose an ABC recap of all the outstanding work and creativity that has transpired over the past school year. Here’s hoping that recalling a year’s worth of awesome art-making will inspire baby’s debut!

A is for Animal Guides!

My sweet, and soon to graduate, Maury 5th graders are stepping into a period of great transition. They will be leaving the safety of their beloved elementary school and venturing into the wild world of middle school. Independence, responsibility, and integrity will challenge and motivate them as they grow into adults.

Bert Green

Our end of year unit explored the nuances of Cultural Appropriation, a term used widely throughout the media and in popular culture. Our very own Washington Redskins helped guide our weighty discussion, along with popular musicians, internet memes, and catch phrases that are quick to be used by many but often misunderstood, resulting in harmful misrepresentation of minority culture. In an attempt to better understand the origin of such popular expressions like, “Beyonce is my Spirit Animal,” we studied the root of what it means in many American Indian tribes to connect with a Spirit Animal or Messenger Guide.

41516671(This is SO-NOT-OK)

In our attempt to better understand another culture–not steal from it–we gained a deeper respect for how traditions come about and the purposes they serve. By not simply choosing a “favorite animal” to inspire our art work, but going through a lengthy process to research and connect with one that held significance in the past, present, and future of our lives, we were able to create mixed media portraits that incorporated powerful text to express the strengths and characteristics of our own Animal Guides. We wrestled with the idea of whether or not we, as an outsider culture, could respectfully embrace the tradition of another culture without appropriating it. If we too were seeking something in our lives to serve as a messenger, protector or mentor during a time of transition and uncertainty–something all 5th graders could benefit from as they journey to middle school–could we successfully and respectfully use our own art to communicate the beauty of the Spirit Guide without feeling like phonies or disrespecting a sacred tradition? The question is still up for debate, but our 5th graders handled the challenge with grace and honor and will hopefully use the strength of their Messenger Guide to transition into young adulthood with confidence and open-mindedness. Aiden Done Alex Done Bryce Done Chelsea Done Delonte Taralyn Amari Fred Done Hazel Done Ian Done Malia Done Mikayla Done

 B is for Bridges!

Architecture and art go hand in hand, which is why our Maury 2nd graders worked collaboratively for many weeks to explore the metaphors, design, and physical construction required of creating bridges that connect reality to fantasy. Before building our own bridges out of a variety of materials and found objects, we dissected what is or isn’t a bridge (Is an elbow a bridge? How about a boat? A twig across a puddle?) and examined the unique structures that many consider bridges from around the world.

1493245031_d922002d62_oThe root bridges of Cherrapunji, India

love_lock_bridgeThe Love Lock Bridge, Paris

sunken-moses-bridge-netherlands-thumb640The Moses Bridge in the Netherlands

we began exploring bridges by creating temporary structures made from clay and toothpicks to study how objects connect and support weight.

01a3c5a229229ee59175358137ccda65a9d2c30efe 015b4fe84c4f17e145211c034f5df00f49bd8db5dd 017ce510b66cbaafb4ed7e599c00a5132bfdd87315 01381b8ee1ca5a4dd3b364cc4db806cd74a195a571_00002

We then challenged ourselves with construction techniques. Students had to build bridges from nothing more than newspaper and masking tape in order to create structures that were either the length or height of a yard stick.

IMG_1223 IMG_1251 IMG_1258All of our conceptual and construction practice prepared us for our collaborative found object sculptures which bridged the worlds of reality and fantasy through function!

IMG_1855 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1858

C is for Coco!

Early childhood kiddos got to experience the sheer joy of functional fine arts after creating quality coil pots from terracotta clay. After their work was glaze fired (and mostly water-tight), they enjoyed the fruits of their labor by celebrating their completed work with a coco party! The children really grasped the concept of how artists put their hearts and souls into creating works of art and how that sweat-equity results in the reward of utilizing something truly special and sometimes even functional in the end!

IMG_1767 IMG_1840 IMG_1843 IMG_1849 IMG_1935 IMG_1761

D is for Delicious!

Sticking with our ceramics and sweets trend, our inaugural “Bowls-to-Goals” ice cream social/fundraiser was an UN-BOWL-IEVABLE success! Students in grades 4 and 5 created hundreds of handmade ceramic bowls to sell at an Empty Bowls inspired event to raise the final money needed for the 5th grade Space Camp trip! The Maury community came out in epic proportions and together we were able to consume gallons of donated ice cream and raise over $1,200! Thank you to EVERYONE who attended and helped out. See you at next year’s event!

IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2198 IMG_2196

E is for Empathy!

Did I mention how the 4th graders chipped in their ceramic skills and event planning prowess to support their 5th grade friends in reaching their fundraising goals for Space Camp? In an honest demonstration of empathy, the 4th graders found reward in seeing their peers succeed. In true “pay-it-forward” fashion, I hope that the rising 4th graders will demonstrate a similar empathy when it comes time for our current 4th graders to reach a goal of their own!

IMG_1504 IMG_1505 IMG_1507

F is for Facial Features!

A favorite project of mine is always the 2nd grade abstract facial features portrait project, which students are wrapping up as we speak. During this project, students explore the idea of portraiture through abstraction and find funky ways to use line, color and composition to express themselves. The results are always liberating and a great place to practice acrylic and watercolor paint techniques on a large scale!

IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2462 IMG_2634 IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2637

G is for Glaze!

Gallons of glaze allowed us to complete numerous large scale ceramics projects in the studio this year. We used low-fire, brush on glazes to complete our coco party coil pots and high-fire dip glazes in 5 gallon buckets to complete hundreds of pots for our ceramic fundraiser. The studio acquired all of our glazes through grants and generous donations. In order to keep the ceramics program afloat at Maury, donations like these are necessary each year to sustain and replenish our program.

IMG_1779 IMG_1630 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1694 IMG_1702 IMG_1706

H is for Habitats!

Kindergartners and 1st graders explored the idea of contrast during one of the four visual arts Cornerstone assignments this year. Empathizing with creatures much bigger and smaller than us allowed them to gain new perspectives about the world. We watched fun movie clips from childhood classics like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Antz, then created miniature creatures out of Model Magic which allowed us to practice turning primary colors into secondary colors with a medium other than paint.  We then created creature habitats from recycled fruit cups that protected our creatures from predators. The designs were both visually compelling and suitable for defense!

IMG_1591 IMG_1593 IMG_2036 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041 IMG_2043 IMG_2044 IMG_2048

I is for Ice!

Have I mentioned how our Maury Ski Team took home the Elementary Division DCIAA Ski Championship for the 3rd year in a row yet? Coach Cooper and I could not be more proud. Being pregnant kept me off the slopes this year but I can’t wait to get back out there to claim trophy #4!

IMG_1794 IMG_1797 IMG_1448 IMG_1460

J is for Joy!

I had the two most amazing high school volunteers from St. Anselm’s come support me and our students on Tuesday mornings this year. Without Thomas and Ray, my job as a pregnant lady all year would have been near impossible. They helped me prep countless materials, clean, hang, staple, and provide one-on-one support to the kids. By the end of their year long commitment to us, we were all so sad to see them go but excited to shower them with love and joy as we wished them well in their futures!

IMG_2387 IMG_2392

K is for Kool-Aid!

Our 4th grade Fiber Arts unit is back by popular demand and with it comes the support and endless knowledge of Aunt Lizzy and Ann Barsi–our fabulous fiber gurus. Our ten week unit encompasses so incredibly much. We feel, frog, felt, swift, cake, comb, burn, knit, and spin various plant, animal and synthetic fibers. Our unit concludes with the creation of our sock superhero avatars! Dyeing the fibers with Kool-Aid is always a sweet day in the studio!

IMG_2405 IMG_2407 IMG_2409 IMG_2421 (Edited)

L is for Lunar Phases!

K-1st graders combined art and science with their in depth study of the moon and it’s lunar phases. Ask one of these youngsters to use their top notch vocabulary to describe the moon in the sky. With the help of their Alexander Calder inspired, kinetic moon mobiles (I didn’t have the chance to snap a photo before taking my full moon belly to the dark side), they should be able to tell you whether you are looking at a waxing gibbous, a waning crescent or a first quarter moon!

Phases10-5x3w M is for Maternity Leave!

I want to reassure all my loyal readers out there that I will be returning to StudioMaury in the fall! My leave will take me to Labor Day weekend and I plan to hit the ground running in the studio right afterwards!


N is for Nature!

We did a pretty good job of taking the studio outdoors this year to explore our natural habitat. Our K-1 contrast unit really lent itself to exploring the environments of creatures big and small. Discovering mushrooms, beetles and even dead birds was a fun and sometimes sad experience for the observant eye.

IMG_1260 IMG_1262 IMG_1264 IMG_1268 IMG_1294

O is for Oreo Cookies!

I think I am uncovering a trend here. Ms. Bomba likes to incorporate dessert into art-making whenever possible, like the time we used Oreo cookies to help us engage with our Lunar Phase unit. Hey, what better way to reinforce knowledge that to eat what you just learned?

IMG_2282 IMG_2285 IMG_2286 P is for Puppetry!

Now this is a biggie! 3rd grade tackled the enormous task of bringing the work I authored this summer when writing Cornerstones for DCPS to life! This unit combined the ancient art of shadow puppetry with the student’s English language Arts content. We created silhouette puppets of literary characters, built one of a kind shadow theaters, then transported our characters to bizarre scenarios and asked the puppeteers to improvise what their original characters would do when placed inside a new and challenging situation. In music class, Mr. Rogers worked with students to create improvised sound accompaniments to enhance the drama of the performances. The kids blew me away with their teamwork, ingenuity, and imagination. Check us out!

IMG_1879 IMG_1882 IMG_1892 IMG_2341 IMG_2342 IMG_2346 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2349 IMG_2351 IMG_2355 IMG_2357 IMG_2464

Q is for Quandary!

Origami has always put me in a quandary but students seem to excel at the intricate art of paper folding. Once again, 3rd grade came through in a pinch and created fantastic sculptural books using star folds. These books expressed their neighborhood communities on the macro or micro level and narrated a story in a non-linear way for their reader. We used bone tools and stylus tools to carve into tooling metal to create our textured, front and back covers in relief.

01c2c043577351e63dac0799be88e54cb4b74de33f 01d04b05bbb325bcbaa221345655804c44e4818f97 01f1241fbd6fa43fc436fd5e7f93da79f28a6818e5 01952565a0ab2ccefca51666d8399578b1e9551fc8


 R is for Rainbow Fish!

I wasn’t able to sneak many photos of the fantastic work from our PS/PK Rainbow Fish unit before my departure into (almost) motherhood but trust and believe that these kiddos learned how to identify shapes in objects from their surroundings in order to help them draw more realistically. With help from the fantastic book, Rainbow Fish, we explored the feelings associated with warm and cool color families and learned to paint like pros with watercolor!

71DdmXAXVvL IMG_2340

IMG_2061 IMG_2060 IMG_2059 IMG_2057

S is for Super Sub!

She’ll kill me for this, but I have to take a moment to dedicate the letter “S” to my full-time sub extraordinaire, Beth! Beth is taking over for me while i’m out on maternity leave and the studio and students could not be in better hands! Beth is a friend of mine, an amazing artist, a mother of Maury students (past and present) and a Polite Piggies art instructor. She is really seeing to it that your kiddos are continuing to get a quality art experience while I’m away. There is no better reassurance for a teacher than to know that her students and learning space is in competent, creative and cool hands! Thanks, Beth!

01f195a9f6bf5ce91f527bf6094b6f31876ba5797bBeth and I in Lucca, Italy!

T is for Tablecloths!

This year, in celebration of the fantastic work our Maury volunteers do for our school community, the staff got together to throw a potluck dinner in their honor. Maury art students helped create Henri Matisse inspired paper cutout tablecloths to decorate our sitting area. We learned how Matisse “drew with scissors” to create these stained glass looking masterpieces. Creating these collaborative works of art with contact paper proved to be a fun activity for all!

IMG_2397 IMG_2396 (Edited) IMG_2395

U is for Unity!

To demonstrate the unity of the 5th grade cohort, students participated in a Mission Patch design contest to create wearable artwork to adorn to their flight suits before takeoff! The winning designs had to creatively communicate the bond between classmates and the road they have endured to accomplish their fundraising goals. Congrats to Aiden and Kevin for creating clear, communicative, and creative artwork that represents the best of your class! Thanks to Ms. Ford, who makes the impossible POSSIBLE on a daily basis!

Aiden Aidens Patch Kevin Kevins patch

V is for Volunteers!

Another huge shout out to the other ladies in my life who make the art program at Maury function! Aunt Lizzy does countless things behind the scenes and on the front lines everyday! Without her ‘can-do’ attitude, wealth of knowledge, relationship with the children, and talent for hunting down the best scrap materials for our projects, we all may be lost! In my absence, she has also been assisting with grades 4-5. These kids were in the midst of some serious art units and she has seen to it that that work has continued to completion without missing a beat! Another shout out to my gal, Ann Barsi, for helping on Wednesdays with Fiber Arts and for making the costumes for the Wizard of Oz production so stellar! Love you guys!

01ebc8114341a626f3d2978c2cb59ba2aaba38a410Ann and I in Italy!

IMG_2194Lizzy and I at Maury…ugh, it looks like it’s time for Lizzy and I to take our friendship to Italy!

W is for Watercolor!

Watercolor painting is such a vital experience in the elementary school art studio. I believe all grade levels interacted with this portable and pleasing medium this year. I encourage all students to own a set of watercolor paints for home so that they can continue to experiment with the many versatile ways to apply the paint on paper. Take your tray outside and paint en plein air this summer!

Amari Process Fred Angelena Hazel and Ali 01a9f772f815120ce5021b18ac87f029b5228881c7 01afb600d17e139989f9fd4b9311a84f3d5598e6b1 019c56228ab59f229463ad779020cc20dc7e3e7f02 0131d9e329d93a471bb7bfdfd5a554a491b663a204 01045e2d5244f6acc73ac5d47957ffb095af2bb91c

X is for X-emplary!

Our Maury Elementary students, and staff for that matter, truly are X-emplary! Did you know that teachers and administrators come from all over the local and global community to observe our teaching and learning practices in action? It’s true! Maury is the model for many of how a nurturing, empathetic, and community oriented school functions with high academic expectations and a strong emphasis on the arts and sciences! Go us!

IMG_1397 (Edited) We write books for an international audience!015ccd5b63da2b874b93d08f2eaa5f36bcc25632fd  We lead engaging professional development for the District! 0104343d1811c2bc4e041ff9670eb952323c47979fWe showcase our student’s accomplishments in the community!

Y is for Youngins!

Even though they are elementary school aged, I hold these kids to a high standard, teach them complex and often complicated things about the real world, and expect them to bring their A-game at all times. Our Maury artists are excellent at rising to the occasion and challenging themselves in all areas of learning. They are also just kids–youngings–and super funny, unpredictable, and full of love! Stay young, Cougars!


0112002c44246e9d0460962b40e0fe2785a676c07f 017b8dec6322e705b44a05021c0d0ce47d7bcd7609 018e51e945974d765a0122eda2a366dbd79032cc2e_00002 IMG_1502

Z is for Zany!

Thanks for keeping it real Maury, REAL ZANY! I miss you already but can’t wait to see you again in the fall. Have a fantastic summer everyone and keep it creative!


Love, Ms. Bomba

4 thoughts on “The 2015-2016 A-B-Cs of A-R-T!

  1. I so appreciate receiving this!  And it has the wording I’ll need if I go ahead with the spirit animals at Hill Center. Turns out there are NO more days of art for fifth grade; roller skating party of Friday afternoon.

    Nice of you to give me a “shout out”. The fourth graders were super-productive again today.  I sent a big batch of photos.Still no baby!Tell him/her to get the heck outta there – Aunt Lizzie wants to meet him.–Elizabeth

  2. Ms Bomba, this is quality amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being all that i could ever wish for in a teacher for my little one.


  3. Great post! You are an amazing teacher. We need to meet up in Italy again!!
    I loved your personal graffiti note from Banksy.

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