Open Studio

The art studio will be open to all third, fourth and fifth graders during recess on Fridays. This extra art time is called Open Studio and is a chance for interested students to devote their recess time to additional art making. Open Studio will take place from 12:05-12:35pm. During Open Studio, students will have a chance to expand upon a class project, assist with studio prep, help curate student shows, create signs and banners for upcoming Maury events, and much more. If students show a particular interest in a media or technique, Open Studio is the time for me to provide more one on one instruction to foster that growth. Due to the popularity of clay and the anticipation of our ceramics program, we will unfortunately not be able to provide students with additional clay materials.  Open Studio would be a perfect opportunity for students to continue working on an unfinished ceramic piece from class instead of waiting a whole week in between classes and risking their work drying out before completion.

Please keep in mind that I am a firm believer in physical activity and understand that Open Studio time may not be the best option for everyone. Please consider your personal needs as a student and make a wise decision about whether extra art time or extra outdoor/physical activity time is the best option for you.

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