POW! Pots on Wheels!


Is it Thursday yet? Ms. Bomba and her trusty comrade, Aunt Lizzy, are eagerly awaiting a visit from the POW truck! All Maury 4th graders will be fortunate to spend Thursday afternoon collaborating with this traveling studio! Learn more about this unique endeavor below and see how you can get involved in this creative celebration of ceramics while the truck is in town!

Pots On Wheels (POW!) is a mobile project open to everyone. The programming is simple. Come and make pottery with us, make a cup, throw a cup (we bring a traditional Leach treadle wheel with us in the truck), decorate a cup and then trade the cup you have just made for one of the hundreds of finished and fired cups on display in the truck. We call it “Make A Cup, Take A Cup.”

 We’ll be in D.C. for a week. So far, our itinerary brings us to the Field School, to Maury Elementary School (Oct. 27) and the Hill Center (Oct. 29-30). On the weekend we’ll set up on the Hill Center grounds, and will be open to the public in conjunction with Pottery on the Hill. The Hill Center, which has pledged $1,000 toward POW!, will be promoting our programming as part of Pottery on the Hill. They are our community liaison with Maury Elementary, as well as the Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery on the Hill Center campus. The Field School will host/sponsor an event during the week.
POW!, a registered non-profit, aims to raise $5,000 for our D.C. events. We offer our programming to ninety Maury School fourth graders at no cost, and we’ll be open to the public at the Hill Center at no cost as well. By the time we leave D.C., we’ll have given away close to1,000 handmade cups!
Would you like to help out? POW is still a young organization and has relied on community-based fund-raising to support programming. We hope you can partner with POW!/DC and underwrite one of our events. We also hope you can come see us while we are in D.C., and make-a-cup, take-a-cup in person.
Ms. Bomba is feeling extra excited, seeing as how ceramics is her area of expertise! How cool is it that our students get to be involved in a National collaboration involving clay?!


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