K is for Kindergarten, Kandinsky and in this case, KOOL!

I would like to publicly express my obsession with our kindergarten team. There is either something in the water, something universal about that age that I was previously unaware of, or my theory–something about Maury’s kindergarten teachers, Ms. Battle, Ms. Vick, Ms. Horton, and Ms. O. These students show up to my studio on Thursday and Friday afternoons and they are so intelligent, so eager to learn, so polite, and so responsible. They are a joy to teach!

Kindergarten is working on the background design for their Kandinsky collages. As Owen observed, they are “smearing” the backgrounds with oil pastels to created the same blurred background that Kandinsky shows in his work.

Precision is as precision does. I love to see such fine craftsmanship! Way to go!

I think I may have to commission one of these artists to create something for my living room wall!

And this is only just the background!

One thought on “K is for Kindergarten, Kandinsky and in this case, KOOL!

  1. Lauren-you know I am partial to K’s–being a public school K teacher 20 years but over 36 years; I love 4 year olds as well, but K’s are awesome; they are unique–never a dull moment! So glad you are enjoying them and encouraging their creativity to blossom–such a gift to them! Thank you for all the K’s that have you! Teresa(Mary’s mom)

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