The Point of Pointillism in Preschool

The Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884–1886, at The Art Institute of Chicago

We can’t all be as well-practiced at pointillism as Georges Seurat, but our preschoolers are getting the hang of it. We began by experimenting with the concept of creating dots instead of brush strokes. We used Q-tips as our brushes and dabbed a blank sheet of paper just to get the knack of it.

Soon thereafter, we applied our newly acquired technique within a template. Since lady-beetles will soon be all the rage in preschool, we tried our hand at dotting within the lines of her shell. The results were surprising. I guess pointillism takes a lot of patience…who knew?

Teaser alert! You know those lids you all have been so busy collecting for me? Those will be used in a grand pointillism mural and believe it or not, I think our preschoolers are just the artists for the job. We will pilot the project with them and see how it goes. If all goes smoothly, we’ll see if it can become a school wide collaborative project and installed somewhere grand for all to see!

From trash…

To treasure!

This is not our mural but a class I found on the internet doing the same kind of project. We will use a similar color coding method, the same shape and size variation, and monochromatic color schemes.

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