3rd Grade Open Studio Participants Raise Flags for Diversity Night

This Thursday, Maury will host an eclectic Diversity Night celebration from 6:30-8:00pm. The main event will take place in the Multipurpose room with food tastings and contact tables representing different continents and countries from around the world. We have many international families represented at Maury and many parents have been kind enough to educate us all at a booth during our celebration. Don’t forget to get your passport stamped as you travel from place to place.

Mr. Rogers will be hosting music from around the world in his room. There will be cultural dances, costumes, games, language lessons, as well as a collaborative Australian aboriginal art mural project in the studio.

We’ll be making dot paintings with our fingerprints

Our 3rd graders are so excited to come up to the studio during their open studio time. This week, they really chipped in and helped create flags from around the world to string across the entryway of the downstairs lobby for Diversity Night. Thanks to Ms. Sweeney for having such a wide-array of multicultural books for us to learn from.

Students: “Hey Ms. Bomba, do you think we could work together to create a large flag?”

Ms. Bomba: “I don’t know, KENYA? Get it? Can ya? Kenya! I crack myself up!

Pretty much an exact replica of the Kenyan flag. Way to go guys!

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