2nd Grade abounds with Cosmic Creativity

Three cheers for second grade! This week has been monumental for our progress both emotionally and artistically. I was blown away by the focus, respect, and ambition of these artists. This week we dove into our Cosmic Alphabet designs. With the help of our new friends, the vivid tray of oil pastels, our artists were able to transform their line-brainstorms into electric, psychedelic, explosive color storms! Student-named colors such as pink raspberry and  lime Gatorade emerged as the background for our soon-to-be-designed alphabets. Students are tasked with the job of designing fonts created entirely from lines. The results will be a combination of color, creativity, design, and LINE!

Josie’s pal, Shivers, is intrigued by our oil pastels. Even jungle cats get the urge to create, especially when the medium at hand is as fun to blend as an oil pastel!

Demonstrating what to do when our oil pastels run low: Peel away the paper, toss it in the trash, and carry on. We also learned not to get bent out of shape when our pastels break in half. It happens all the time and is the sure sign of an artist hard at work.

Can we bottle and sell that kind of focus?

These line designs are so uniquely his own, with a twist of tribal flare–American Indian or African-esque!

Oh, to be a part of it all!

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