Dot Creatures from the depths of our…imaginations!

Imagine closing your eyes, gripping a marker, and blindly placing 10 dots randomly on your canvas. Next, you open your eyes and are tasked with connecting those dots to create a fictional creature using both organic and geometric line segments. Turning dots on a page into imaginative characters is what the 3rd graders have been hard at work doing. After a bit of practice, their creations have surpassed my wildest expectations.  One student, for instance, thought outside of the box and instead of using his 10 blind dots to create his creature, used them to design a habitat for his creature instead! It’s independent thinking and risk taking like that that turns you from art student to artist in seconds.

What did I tell ya? Brilliant!

The random dots lead to some dramatic geometric line segments which proved super successful for his piece.

Look out! Your Dot Creature with wart-speckled legs is about to gnaw your head off! Can’t wait to see this one all colored in.

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