Oh to be a 1st grader again…

Field trip to see a picturesque horizon line, anyone?

The first graders–a pleasant herd of artists–have been busy plotting towards the culmination of the tape painting project! They’ve named and identified horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines in artwork such as Piet Mondrian’s, Composition London. Ask them about the place where the ocean meets the sky, or what gazing off into the sunset at the beach may forever remind them of. They should be able to tell you that the flat and tranquil line that the sun sits on, sinks under, and rises from is the horizon line. Horizon=horizontal!  They’ve invented lines I’d never dreamed of. They’ve documented their process in their sketchbooks like true artists, mastered the deceivingly difficult ruler, and taped compositions consisting of nonobjective line segments that will soon be painted to reveal examples of both positive and negative space. Their enthusiasm for art is inspiring and their polite manners and exemplary behavior in the studio has earned them all 4s for our Positive Paws. Stay tuned for images of our finished tape paintings.

Piet Mondrian, Composition London, 1940-1942, Oil on Canvas

Applying the perfect finger pressure to the center of the ruler for maximum control. Slow and steady!

Tape meets gravity

A man with a plan! I love when artists come up with creative AND efficient ways to problem solve.

Ms. Bomba: “I notice you have numerous vertical lines and one grand horizontal line…what’s missing?”

Student: “I know! I need to show an example of a diagonal line!”

Ms. Bomba: “Exactly!”

2 thoughts on “Oh to be a 1st grader again…

  1. WOW! I want to be in Ms. Bomba’s class. You are teaching these children creative and fun ways to learn through ART. Your classroom is bright, welcoming and full of children beaming with confidence. Thanks for sharing.

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