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This week, classes are reading, Ish, a story by Peter H. Reynolds. Together, we are empathizing with Ramon, the main character who becomes frustrated when his older brother teases him for creating less-than-perfect artwork. We discussed the concept of creating “ish-art.” Ish art is work that is unique to the artist. Ish art is wonderful because it doesn’t have to look real or perfect, it just needs to look “ish!” Each of us creates art differently and that’s what makes art so liberating. Even Ms. Bomba creates Ms. Bomba-ish work. Do you think Jackson Pollock would have become as famous as he did if his work wasn’t Pollock-ish?

Ramon is just like a Maury student. He keeps a journal, or sketchbook, of his ish-drawings! Students had fun adding the word ish to things as we sketched. We discussed how “ish” can apply to our writing too. It is important to get our ideas on paper without spending too much time thinking and rethinking whether or not our idea is good enough. What we write initially may not make it to the final draft but it will help flush out our thoughts so that we can move forward during Writer’s Workshop.

A page from Ms. Bomba’s sketchbook that she kept when she was working in Native Alaskan villages in rural, AK. Stories, poems, notes, and doodles can all serve as inspiration in our sketchbooks.

A picture from Kingston’s sketchbook. Kingston was asked to illustrate himself creating art. He drew a sophisticated interpretation of how he loves to paint from his easel.

Our word wall is accumulating an impressive array of art vocabulary.

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