“Just Make a Mark and See Where it Takes You!”–The Dot

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for blog 016Author, Peter H. Reynolds, helps us kick off a creative school year with help from his award winning book, The Dot.

Do you ever feel stuck? Uninspired? Challenged? Did I already mention stuck? It’s the worst! Many of us have experienced the daunting task of filling up an empty page with words, tackling a tough math problem, or turning a stark white canvas into a work of art. That uncomfortable feeling of where to start? never disappears, even with experience. Luckily, with help from her art teacher, Vashti, the main character of our story, discovers that by making a simple mark–something as small as a dot– one can open up a world of creativity!

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Vashti’s confidence to experiment, think big, and expand her ideas grows exponentially after getting over her initial fear of getting started. Vashti becomes such a prolific dot maker that her work is exhibited in a gallery and later serves as inspiration for other timid artists who doubt their talents and abilities. Vashti is able to empathize with a young admirer of her work and gives him the same tool her art teacher gave her, the invitation to make a mark and see where it takes you.

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For the most part, our Maury artists are self-assured dot makers and challenged themselves to create dots that even Vashti would find inspiring. We used oil pastels and collage materials to create mixed media designs. Our finished products are displayed in one dot-tastic patchwork in the downstairs hall of the East building. These creations will also serve as the inspiration for this year’s Maury Note Cards. The most bold and innovative work of art from each grade level will be selected by members of the Capitol Hill Village community and printed into quality note cards that make wonderful gifts around the holidays. Not only do they make great gifts, they also help fund our fabulous PTA. Look for the 2013-2014 editions on sale this fall!

for blog 036Maury students have no trouble thinking outside of the box and expressing themselves creatively. I love how no two dots look even remotely alike!

for blog 037Keeping it creative!

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