Help Maury Artists Help the Hungry by Donating Canned Goods to the Studio First!



I know you all have been generously donating items to our thanksgiving baskets and coat drive, however, I’m writing to hit you up for canned goods just one more time, only this time, your canned good will be turned into art and then donated (I promise!).

I am not the biggest fan of holiday craft projects, however, with Thanksgiving right around the corner and our Latin American Art Unit wrapping up just before the holiday, I wanted to come up with a mini project that celebrates the value of giving thanks in combination with the fine arts.

Students will be designing colorful labels to adorn a canned good, ala Pop Artist Andy Warhol, but this time, their design must incorporate what they are thankful for with a Pop Art feel. These creative canned goods will be on display in the lobby and will later become part of our thanksgiving gift baskets or be donated to a local canned food drive.

As many cans as you can muster, the sooner the better, would be wonderful. Donations can be brought to the studio or placed in the mail room with my name on it. Thank you all for being the most generous and supportive school community around.

Already full of thanks,

Ms. Bomba

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