Congratulations to our 7 Maury Note Card Competition winners!

Congratulations, Artists!! You did it! Students leap and dance at a recent assembly hosted by Dance for Peace during Maury’s Peace Month

The Maury Note Card contest has undergone some major changes in the last year and I truly believe that they are all for the best! This year, EVERY Maury student submitted work to the contest! This allowed for much greater diversity, creativity, and representation among students. In addition, work for the contest was completed as an in school assignment and was academically aligned to our National Art Standards—a win-win for all! Instead of drawing, which was the criteria for past contests, students were asked to make an abstract collage illustrating one of our seven Art Elements. The expressive nature of collage allowed students to take greater risks, without fear of making something look realistic.

What are the Elements of Art, you ask? The Elements of Art are essentially the language of art. Every work of art ever created consists of at least one of the seven elements: line, color, shape, form, space, texture, and value. Students have become experts at identifying the Art Elements in famous works of art, their classmate’s work, as well as the world around them.

I love this graphic organizer of the Elements of Art. Graphic organizers are great ways for visual learners to make sense of information.

Each grade level was assigned one of the Art Elements. Preliminary judges narrowed down the field and finalists were sent to Capitol Hill Village for judging.

The results are in and I am pleased to announce our 2012-2013 winners!

COLOR, Preschool/PreK: Safya Biswal, Mrs. Mitchell
LINE, Kindergarten: Zora Taylor, Ms. Vick
SHAPE, 1st grade: Henry Zatkowski, Mrs. Dorsey
TEXTURE, 2nd Grade: Niah Gamble, Ms. Mallaney
VALUE, 3rd Grade: Taleyah Evans, Ms. George
SPACE, 4th Grade: Isaac Smoker, Mr. Havner
FORM, 5th Grade: Kareema Pernell, Mrs. Cooper

Look for packaged note cards on sale at Maury and other local businesses soon! Remember, purchasing these student made works of art help support our school!

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