Dear Maury Families

Dear Maury Families,

Welcome back after what I hope was a relaxing and fun filled summer break. My summer vacation was full of many exciting firsts. I got married outdoors on the hottest recorded day in North Carolina history—one hundred and six degrees! I also spent 2 exciting weeks exploring the beautiful country of Colombia with my husband, Jeff! In fact, our travels this summer inspired my vision for the 2012-2013 school year. Your Maury artist and I will be creating passports, collecting stamps, and venturing from continent to continent on an artistic exploration of different cultures, traditions, artists, and techniques. In combination with my goal to expose students to the creative value and academic rigor required of the fine arts, this multicultural trip around the world will also introduce many historic and living folk art and craft traditions—not to mention, many history, geography, and social studies connections.

I invite you to discover along with us this year, specifically by volunteering or guest-teaching a lesson in the art studio. I have spoken with many Maury families about their unique experiences living abroad or adventurous family vacations. Many of you have rich heritages rooted in foreign soil or you collect artifacts from other countries. Please be in touch with me or fill out this form,  Art around the World Co Teaching Application, and place it in my box in the main office if you feel comfortable sharing your knowledge and experiences with your child’s class or any of our Maury classes. I would love to host you and learn along with your student(s) this year.

Studiomaury will serve as a way to step into the life of an elementary school art student from the comfort of your own home. Subscribe to this blog and receive automatic updates about your child’s art education! If you would not like your child’s photograph or photos of his or her work to be included in the blog, please feel free to let me know and I will respect your wishes. My intentions are for this blog to serve as a parent and school wide resource.

This blog will also be a place for me to ask for donations for the art studio. Those who are able to donate will find that the studio is always in need of hand wipes, lids, cereal boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and other recycled materials or funky object that can be used in sculpture or assemblage.

I am beyond excited to begin my second year at Maury. It was the parent, school, and volunteer community that made my first year so wonderful. I am very excited to meet you and to begin establishing a unique relationship with each of your children individually. I truly believe that art allows each child to feel successful, original, and confident. Please feel free to contact me with questions at

Thank you,

Ms. Bomba

Visual Arts Teacher

Maury Elementary

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