Prepping the Studio for the New Year

Hello Maury,

I wanted to put a quick call out about household items I am collecting for the upcoming school year, particularly in preparation for ceramics at Maury! By no means should anyone go out and purchase any of these items, but if you happen to have them lying around the house and are looking for a new home for them, the studio would be more than willing to take them off your hands. Thanks!


Rolling Pins (or other creative objects) for students to roll slabs of clay

Metal Forks and Toothbrushes (boiled before donating please) for scoring clay

Extension Cords and Power Strips (it is a goal of mine that each table have at least 2 hot glue guns to use to cut down on wait time for certain sculptural and collage projects)

Sponges with a little tooth on them would be best (for scrubbing tables)

Medium to Small Buckets (for water/sponges)

Medium to Large Plastic, Reusable Plates (for rolling ink on brayers during printmaking)

Large Easel with Dry Erase Board (I discovered the leg of mine snapped somehow?)

Textured Surfaces for pressing into clay

Clay Tools (wooden, metal, plastic, legit or invented)

1′ X 1′ pieces of drywall (~50)

Shelves on Wheels for storing wet and dry work


Storage Bins for tools

Small Plastic Containers with lids

I know some of these are odd requests. I have begun test firing our kiln in hopes of getting our ceramics program up and running and it takes quite a bit of prep and supplies to make it successful. If anyone has any tips or advice about beginning  a ceramics program in an elementary school, I’d love to pick your brain. If anyone knows of anyone who has glazes, clay, under glazes, and other ceramic supplies available for donation or for sale cheap, let me know! Thanks again!

Mrs. Bomba


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