Wine bottles and tin foil needed in the art studio ASAP

Hello fellow wine drinkers (I know you’re out there!),

I need to collect ~40 wine bottles, or any glass bottle for that matter, ASAP to serve as holders for the upcoming 4th and 5th grade puppet making project. The bottles will serve as sturdy, non-tipping holders for our wooden dowels once our sculptural heads are attached. Plastic will be too light and lead to heavy puppet heads falling to their deaths from any out-of-reach resting place I can find for our creations among the studio.

I will be collecting bottles starting Monday. Please have your child, or yourself, bring them up to the studio. Any fun puppet-esque additions you have lying around are always welcome. These puppets will be inspired by characters students select from famous works of art so the possibilities are really endless. Feathers, buttons, yarn, fur, fake flowers, etc. Tin foil is also a precious commodity while we sculpt our facial features. Thanks in advance and bottoms up!

Ms. Bomba

Examples of a few of my favorite “art characters” of all time

Either specimen from, Homesickness, by Rene Magritte

Face Jugs!–as a collector of these traditional face jugs, I am a huge fan of the cultural and folk art significance of these grotesque functional wares

Who can resist a face like that? Salvador Dali

My girl, Frida’s, constant accessory, her pet spider monkey Fulang Chang, a gift from her husband, Diego Rivera

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