Chancellor Henderson tells Maury students “We Got This!” and We Do!

I think every man, woman, child, ant, speck of dust–you name it–that graced the halls of Maury Elementary school on Friday afternoon are pumped and ready to take the DC CAS on Tuesday morning whether they have to or not! I know I am!

On Friday, after much planning by the DC CAS Pep Rally Committee, especially Ms. George, our students left for the long weekend feeling A bit less intimidated or dreadful about the high-steaks test that awaits them.

Guest speakers, such as the inspiring and student oriented Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Kaya Henderson and the Washington Wizard’s mascot, G-Man, helped our kids understand that the CAS is a way for students to prove how prepared and knowledgeable they are–not a time for self-doubt, insecurities, or fear. Like well trained singers or athletes, the CAS is a chance for them to strut their stuff and show what their teachers have worked hard to teach them; a chance to flex that brain muscle!

Kaya Henderson led students in a unified “we’ve got this!” chant and boosted their self -esteem by calling Maury Elementary students the brightest in all the District. As a former cheerleader, I couldn’t help but cheer along, clap and stomp, and feel proud to be a part of a school community that cares so much about the success of its students. Our kids are ready!

The winning Maury cheerleaders led us in a sassy routine, and can we talk about G-Man and Agent W  for a second? WoW! What a treat. Their sports are like school metaphor was powerful for our students to hear. Homework is our practice, school is our court, and the CAS is our championship. It takes effort to get the results we want. We don’t wake up one day doing 360 degree dunks and we don’t wake up one day acing tests without effort. Let us hope that our students carry the message that hard work pays off throughout life.


The mysterious G-Man getting the crowd pumped up!

High flying acrobatics by G-Man and Agent W–the beauty of team work!

Mrs. Battle setting up for the alley-oop!

Ramel and Agent W share a heart to heart and some positive words of encouragement before the CAS

Taking time out for the kids. Thanks Wizards, Chancellor Henderson, and all involved. Go Cougars!

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