Art and Math, Y’all!

Reflecting on it in retrospect, it seems that fourth grade has really put in the hours on the math and art front. Although I am a huge believer in cross discipline learning, I hadn’t planned to inundate 4th grade with so many math/art units. They’re naturals and hey, it can’t hurt!

Here are the finished products ala Black History Month of our Grid Technique Portraits. This method really convinces the artist to SEE what you draw, instead of imagine it. It teaches scale, proportion, and does not overwhelm the artist with taking on the entire face all at once. By working on one box at a time, you are rewarded by the eventual progress and unity that comes with tackling the work in pieces.

Truly impressive work, 4th grade! These portraits are on display at center stage in the multipurpose room.

Oh! and the 4th grade number spirals are on display in the main hallway of the East Building. More math, more art!

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