Still Life: Unfortunately, A motto I’ve Been Living By…

With the dawn of our fifth grade Still Life unit upon us, I have unfortunately interpreted the theme all too literally, and taken to living the “still life”, from bed. I thought I was invincible, but I have finally fallen victim to the germs that saturate an elementary school in winter.

This week started off on the right foot, despite the sickly turn it took. My first 3 classes of the week scored perfect 4s on Positive Paws (way to go Cooper, Mallaney, and Scott)! Behavior and productivity were at an all time high and many new and exciting art units began.

Fifth grade, for instance, has begun a hard-core still life unit with a strong focus on value and contrast. We have an all white still life set up in the middle of the studio, with an industrial strength spot light to cast highlights and shadows on our motionless objects.

Monday was our pre-assessment day. Students drew as best they could without any prompting. Over the weeks, I will teach them a few tricks of the trade and re-assess their progress post unit. As was the case with 3rd grade, I think these 5th graders will be pleased to see their drawing improve with a little coaching. This is my version of the DC CAS–I have to get these kids ready for middle school art (a little less pressure, a lot more fun).

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