Dream Weavers

Sorry to BOMBArd you all with a photo-overload, but I am just so proud of the level of craftsmanship these 1st graders are displaying in their traditional weavings. It’s not easy to devote the level of patience these kids have committed to making sure their weavings turn out neatly and accurately. Look for a gallery style exhibition of their work soon!

The pre-weave: Students graphed out how they wanted their weavings to look using graph paper. They designated how large each color block would be by using the small squares on the paper to scale their work.

Math and art!

Students created their very own looms from old cereal boxes. They cut “teeth” into the cardboard and “flossed” the warp yarn into the grooves.

Working on the colorful weft! Art vocabulary is a huge part of our learning in the studio. I think students should be fluent in the language of the visual arts. I want them to feel confident walking into a museum or gallery and discussing the technical aspects of fine art and craft media.

Color central!

Love the pattern changes on this one!

Before we began weaving, we graphed out how we intended our weavings to look. After finishing, we made a post-graph to see how our designs evolved over time. I don’t think a single student stuck to their original design. I love the freedom these artists feel in the moment of creation.

Fun fact: The majority of Maury artists choose to forgo their stools and choose to stand up as they work. I love that Maury supports kinesthetic learning!

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