You gotta HAND it to them…

Many aspiring artists seek instant gratification when it comes to their art making. They have an impossible time thinking that there are artists out there who spend 12-40 years working on one single painting. They want to come to class, paint, and take their work home with them the same day. I understand this desire. When I had art class just once a week, I too expected to walk in the door and leave with a finished product that I could take home and show my family. I am trying very hard to teach my students that art is often  much more about the process and that it takes hours of practice to leave the studio not only with something tangible, but with a skill that you can take with you for life.

In 3rd grade, I am applying this concept cold turkey with drawing. However frustrating and challenged these kids feel, I know for a fact that if they stick with it for a few more lessons, they will be able to leave 3rd grade knowing, that was the year I learned to draw!

In preparation for our pop art project, we are starting off with good old contour line drawings, continuous line drawings, and blind contour line drawings of the hand. It takes some practice and the ability to let the need for perfection fly out the window. Sketches are sketches and are meant to look silly and imperfect, especially when done without looking at the paper!

Ms. George even spent last class with us, showing her students that even she is a student at some things and always a life long learner.

High five, Ms. George!

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