Visual Rhythms all Wrapped Up!

Come to the 2nd floor of the East building to learn more about visual rhythms, complementary and analogous color schemes, and the way rhythms can be both seen and heard.

Analogous colors are colors that sit side by side on the color wheel. This artist created a complex visual rhythm in analogous colors, violet, red, and blue. Notice the amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail! It is not easy to trace, cut, and glue with that kind of precision. Kudos!

I love the way this cowboy alternates directions while maintaining a complex visual rhythm. Also, check out the complementary color collage in the background. We may be most familiar with red and green as Christmas colors, but they are also complementary colors, which means that they are directly across from one another on the color wheel and represent one cool and one warm color. Other complementary colors include blue and orange and yellow and violet.

I love this sassy silhouette!

Super complex visual rhythm and excellent example of movement, one of our principles of design.

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