Assembling our masterpieces out of recycled objects donated by our thoughtful Maury families. Thanks everyone!

5th Grade has been rocking out on their Louise Nevelson sculptures. Wow! From their early beginnings as donated shoe boxes, to assemblages full of plastic cups, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, Altoids tins and Styrofoam balls, these found object sculptures have really undergone an artistic transformation. True to Nevelson’s unique style of creating art, we gathered discarded objects, complied them anew to create 3D compositions of interest, and have begun spray painting– yes, you heard correct–spray painting our finished works in metallic gold! Since Nevelson only painted her primarily wooden boxes in monochromatic color schemes of white, black, or gold, we decided to follow suit. We made sure to take the fumes outside, covered our faces with masks, and donned latex gloves to protect against the stubborn paint and fumes. The kids were naturals. They handled the new material responsibly and proved that there is nothing they can’t handle. Look for the installation of our individual boxes into one collaborative wall sculpture in a hallway near you soon!

Getting creative with our everyday materials

Students found ways to really “think outside of the box” all while containing their unique ideas “inside the box”

Bring on the gold! We’ve really lucked out with the warm weather lately!

Great technique!

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