Cross Disciplinary Learning–Spot on!

We’re trying our hand at pointillism in PreK this week. Teachers are educating their students about insects and patterns in class so I figured, why not jump on board! Patterns, insects, and a dab of pointillism go together like the classics, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and milk and cookies. Students were so eager to teach me what they knew about insects. Facts like:

a) Ants have 6 legs and are comprised of a head, thorax, and abdomen

b) Lady bugs eat aphids

c) Centipedes’ heads and tails are alike so that they appear to have “two heads” which fools their predators and increases their chance of survival.

To spice up our creepy insects we first practiced our precision dabbing with markers, which are much easier to control. We talked about blending colors to create depth and shading, as seen in the example below.

Then, we dazzled our creepy crawlies with colorful paint. Check out those patterns!

Finger pointillism to come soon!

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