RC Dance Discovery takes our Youngsters on a Folk Dance Journey Around Around the World

As Key Coordinator for the DC Arts & Humanities Education Collaborative, I recently had the opportunity to arrange an in-school assembly for our Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten students. After surveying the classroom teachers, we all agreed that a visit from RC Dance Discovery would be an enjoyable, educational, and entertaining time for the younger crowd.

Below is a description of our dance-tastic hop, shake, and boogie woogie from country to country, as well as some video footage of our talented student dance volunteers!

Journey to six different continents and explore what makes dances unique to different people.  Begin in South America with Viva Jujuy!, then travel to North America for a clogging lesson.  After a journey to Europe to learn the Italian Tarantella and a French work dance, students join an Israeli children’s dance. Finally, an Australian jig and a Tahitian canoe dance conclude the journey. This performance involves student participation, geography connections and related dance traditions around the globe. It’s a wonderful kick off assembly for a school’s International Fair or Cultural Diversity Day. Rebecca Cornelius is a Teaching Artist Institute Graduate and specializes in arts integration.

A sample of our talented and energetic hosts clogging in North America before we depart on our folk journey around the world.


Two of our darling kindergarteners dancing the Tarantella with tambourines!


The children got  a huge kick out of Mr. Rogers up on stage. Boy does he have rhythm! And that hat!


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