Boxes Take 2?

Hi everyone,

I know Think Tank has already hit you up for boxes, but 5th grade will be doing a Louise Nevelson inspired assemblage project once they wrap up their wire portraits and I’m in need of a variety of boxes to house their 3D sculptures. If you have any extras lying around (shoe boxes, tangerine crates, box boxes of reasonable size) I’ll take em! I will also take any random piece of garbage/wood/Styrofoam/broken toy that would be awesome to create 3D collage out of! You all are beyond great, with your ability to speedily procure whatever us teachers need to teach. Thanks in advance!

Ms. Bomba
Visual Arts

2 thoughts on “Boxes Take 2?

    1. Thanks Antonia! There will be a message about Art Club, which I am now calling Open Studio, coming out in the Tuesday Folders this week. Unfortunately, I will only be able to offer open studio to 2nd-5th grade because their recess time lines up with when i am not teaching or on lunch break/duty.

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