ART with heART!

I had to share the wonderful experiment Ms. Spurlock’s preKers indulged me in last Friday morning. It was a brisk, fall morning, if you can recall, so the 4 year olds and I bundled up and marched out to the black top in an attempt to spell the word A-R-T with our bodies. The reason for such an ambitious mission was that last week was Arts Education Week! The DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative donated chalk to participating schools and asked us to chalk up our black top in the name of art education. Hey! That’s my thing!! We can do that! Ironically enough, butterflies were also the theme of the chalking and considering how Maury is nurturing future Monarch Butterflies this year, I couldn’t pass up the challenge.  After some wiggles and a few, “I don’t get it, Ms. Bomba” faces, our A-R-T turned out G-R-E-A-T!


R=right on!


A-R-T with our B-O-D!

I caught some great shots of our street artists in action.

Awesome forehead Band-aid is not the result of the chalking, promise.

The chalk warrior




To finish the day off right, we sat in the shade and read, Micawber, the tale about a curious Central Park squirrel and his artistic exploits. Remember to look for squirrels with paint on the ends of their tails next time you’re in Lincoln Park. I think they may be sneaking into Studio Maury and experimenting with our fun supplies.

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