Window Galleries


Capitol Hill kids (and grown ups too!) are taking their art to the streets, well, almost.

Window Galleries are popping up all over the neighborhood thanks to a few DCPS teachers and artists who saw the need to take all of the creative (and nervous?) energy being bottled up inside the walls of our homes and unleash it to the world.



A Window Gallery is a piece of homemade artwork taped to a glass window or door of your home for all the world to see.

Since walking about town seems to be one of the only socially acceptable activities still available to us, the sight of artwork in the windows of our homes, in addition to peak Cherry Blossom season, makes strolling our city all the more pleasant.


Artist and Atelierista at SWS, Marla McLean, dazzles her doorway!


Artist and former Maury teacher, Heather Duncan, bringing next-level GORGEOUS window art to our neighborhood!

The theme of next week’s Window Gallery is thankfulness (last week’s was unofficially “Spring”). Create artwork or words of affirmation that celebrate the hard work and dedication of our service workers. Folks like sanitation workers and mail people, heck, even your Uber Eats driver (Drizly, anyone?), are still on the front lines, keeping the world spinning while many of us have the luxury (luxury may be an overstatement…) of doing our work from the relative safety of our homes.


Our message was for our beloved garbage and recycling crews to “KEEP TRUCKIN!” Seeing them run their daily routines gives us all something to look forward to and adds a touch of normalcy we’re all craving right now.


If anyone can turn this gesture into a wide-spread and magical student-led movement it’s Maury. Put all of your boredom, uncertainty, restlessness, optimism, creativity and kindness outward. You never know who may need a lift today.


Here are a few awesome examples of Maury kiddos colorfully communicating to the world outside! Thanks, Holden, Alena, Charlie, Mira, and Saavan for your messages of hope!



I love how Madeleine is keeping a safe distance from friends and family but using the mail system to stay in touch!! Who wouldn’t want to receive an artsy hello via snail mail? Go girl!


Ms. Bomba

One thought on “Window Galleries

  1. Lauren – I love this so much – especially the message of encouragement to the city’s work crews who are keeping on!


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