Insect Inspection!


Think about a time when you received feedback. Were you excited to hear from others about ways to improve yourself or your work or annoyed that someone was trying to correct you?

Feedback can be tricky, but Maury 2nd graders are getting a head start on the best ways to give and receive that ‘tough-to-hear’ criticism.


As expert “Insect Inspectors” during our realistic drawing unit, these kiddos studied the ins and outs of some rare insect species. Poisonous grasshoppers, majestic butterflies, bizarre beetles and the deadliest of spiders crept onto the practice pages of our sketchbooks as students patiently engaged in the creation of multiple drafts in preparation for their final masterpieces.


8-8 Butterfly

Christmas Beetle

hqdefaultBlack Widow Spider


Toxic Milkweed Grasshopper

After creating a series of drafts, three to be exact, students learned to apply direct and specific feedback given by their peers during mid-process critique, in order to improve their realistic drawings each go round.


012270d4f3fc1cb08e731e5905e29d7c322e77a023Things like, “expand the wings longer,” “include thick and thin lines in the details,” and “make your wings more triangular,” were the kinds of specific and direct feedback that led to such amazing growth throughout this unit.

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Students were brave and receptive when hearing how to improve. They knew that the advice was aimed to make them better artists and not petty put downs from their classmates.


The ability to listen and apply feedback not only made our second graders better drawers, they became better scientists, observers of the world, and better overall humans!

Our artists all started at varying skill levels. Come to think of it, realistic drawing isn’t even something elementary kids should spent too much time focusing on. In the early years, art is about creativity and exploration but by framing this unit around peer feedback, we were able to get some fantastic results! Check out some of the finished products! Wow!011a2c0f43c2393955abe8e0bf303dbf44668378e6 01e7de9cb022326133bee4bdf84ff7e5d05d83901c 01992eaf86ec70162a2f58ccf7bc071f3343d78118 014f18115e7dbaa8951d4ea88eca03cf74c375c589 01013a2ecd0dd614cd27861ea8a7c5777272f17a83 01e8f207c7c922682304a870d1bb1166ad07ba3f13 0194b81ed74ff691ae3b19b686eae272949707fa97 01b9badae757faf09f47c2b3a0f7c8908d0653a87b 012877596fba0b645beaf5c75009871ec3b71a07f0 01226cd30615007ff8eb680805aae77257c05c4acf_00002 014c0d15f793705e53743b7b9b147eaccccbab844e 01904c224a42e45c0f13509b9c10a2602915d27671_00002 01587cc2f4abfd33e57a4a8d52ba9a9b89aa9bca54_00002 01415cbac909da571224e603f08a826c8031dba7ed 01ec5d8d29cbdb9e45c6ae7c016926fb79868270f8 010bcc883fa5cadcc2fb867ab6ef8cab6554142933 018e6fdf9d0a13522306f1a3b29ecf2a4687dd1bbf_00002 012cc773660bfb279a75bb87f8a852b7eea4c81117 0192a77fd8d0bb70a596a6457bb907c278b91bd754_00001 01d8e167c34ab0c4d62c03312bf9bbbb4d5e525b89 0103e3f35b800f281bac89406d8c19092b0afaff33_00002 01bfc28f94d85e300dda816ad115f37937b899283a 01a79aa852aae5fb29e8081ce2cd8c7cb4309849cd 016cb2eba7b92c3051bf1bb49024f5807f47a1206f 012e1785c7e44940972733871f1db3b71f2be3dd5c

Next time you are asked to give or receive feedback, think of us, and spread your wings!

6 thoughts on “Insect Inspection!

  1. The insects the kids drew are beautiful and so lifelike. It is so valuable to be able to give and take positive criticism. You are teaching the kids so many wonderful things Ms. Bomba. Thank you!

  2. This is so amazing. How are you feeling?

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