Super is as Super Does! Support our Super 4th Graders at their Opening Reception at HillCenter on June 8!

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In case you weren’t aware of the latest accomplishment from our Maury artists (Trashion Fashion follow up post coming soon!), StudioMaury’s biggest fan, Elizabeth Nelson, has worked day and night to ensure a gallery show for our 4th grade Super Hero project at the beautiful HillCenter Galleries! Below is an article published by Elizabeth from this month’s Hill Rag describing our process from first fibers to opening reception! Pick up a copy and come out and support local arts at HillCenter Monday night from 6-7:30 pm. I know our superhero students would love to see as many Maury Cougars in the crowd as their fantastic fiber arts make their public debut on June 8!

 Step aside, X-men, Batman and Wonder Woman.  Take a break, Spiderman, Iron Man and Supergirl. A new generation of Super Heroes is taking center stage at HillCenter this month. The Heroes are the invention of fourth grade students at Maury ES where art teacher, Lauren Bomba, set out to stretch their understanding of textiles, fibers, craft media and contemporary art. The study culminated with the creation of their own personal super heroes made from socks and found materials.  These “avatars” incorporate the students’ ideas about their own best qualities – what makes each of them “super”.  
Bomba and Boys
The students began by exploring the various properties of fibers, where they come from and how they are prepared for use. The goal was for students to understand the artistic process from start to finish and to gain an appreciation for the effort, dedication and time it takes to create a textile from scratch. Handcrafted objects reflect, in a deeply personal way, the spirit and intention of their creators adding value beyond functionality.
015c4be115bb1be39f3129dcacca501e6545b1622c Hand Spinning raw wool to demonstrate how short fibers lock to create continuous yarn!0156d2d40f0c7aaa723d8274bfb15e6089855405fd Ms. Duckett’s class collaborated to create what we think is the world’s longest piece of hand spun fiber!018519d1f19906be639ad6a1b857e2268ec95e9eeb018eb6b0250dcb9598a6b5d1af435c5d3bb38647c5 Ann Barsi taught us how to deconstruct old thrift shop sweaters made from cashmere and merino wool (the expensive stuff in stores) as a way to re-purpose fiber! These students are “frogging” the wool (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it) to create cakes of yarn that will then be washed before being knit into new sweaters!013eb22fb29efc672f63d92514f5287c9fe1c65ec6We lit numerous different plant, animal and synthetic fibers on fire as a means of exploring different fiber properties. Watch out for cotton, that stuff really ignites, unlike wool. 010f466d71b0bb51ddf02e7d5fa3f2f82a707f868b Next we learned how hot water, soap, and agitation help fibers lock in place (like when you shrink your favorite wool sweater in the washing machine accidentally). We made more functional soap balls by felting the wool to create exfoliating bath treats through this process!018cf9181389bc5724d0132e9e7fd06e04eeb31113As one student put it, “This is the cleanest my hands have EVER been!” Ewww?
0158d3436dbc11fa5c826330ce1e88ee81a84ae9c801ca1e20252df51b9c017862148ac4677bd4084b7a01b352043cf6b6953ded0dade4f0b845599a447709Sticking our fibers into tubs of colored Kool Aid let us see how well different fibers accept dye. Synthetic fibers reject the die but animal and plant fibers eat it right up! Check out these brilliant colors! Warning: If Kool Aid does this to fiber, imagine what it’s doing to your insides!01d95c3f91299d2d05d70af53e47f5440c6709c1afStudents selected their colors and mixed them to create their desired secondary and tertiary color schemes.01fffc66d7bf0841b316d507a0ab116f375df6b10d014c914fa0f1ac6fc62a86f1807e17c69729d5093e014ea52577eba28cec787de20e49354d5141ba0b8b018ca8b909f17a99ae2987b392c460d77ead58a5de01826141768b3b787829ba71a013103641d17ec420
After examining spinning, felting and dyeing, the fiber arts unit concluded with the study of knitter, print-maker, and performance artist, Mark Newport. Newport is best known for his life-size, hand-knit costumes representing both traditional super heroes and those of his own creation. His work challenges the idea that all superheroes must be strong, fast and covered in impenetrable metal in order to be heroes. He draws his own superhero strength from participating in a craft tradition passed down through generations of women in his family.  Knitting his costumes makes Newport feel safe, brave, kind and ready to protect his family.
Maury students invented their super heroes by considering their own strengths like their love of animals, their compassion, their intelligence, their athletic ability – and turning these strengths into super powers –protecting endangered species, cheering up a friend, confusing bad guys with tricky math problems or lassoing them with a well-aimed hula hoop.  They created symbols to express their powers and fabricated sock dolls reflecting these qualities.
First Name Superhero Super Powers
Kevin Smartletic Athletic, loves the outdoors, smart
Bennet Anything Anywhere Good at soccer, loves YouTube and camping
Eddie Magic Likes sports and travel, sneaky
Aiden The A+ Creative, athletic, sneaky
Ian The Ultimate Wiz Computer whiz, creative, thinker, friend
Amari Sportysmartfastguy Sporty, fast, smart
Olivia Double Derpy Squid Likes squid and adventures, athletic
Chelsea Skatemaster Good skater, loves technology, likes to swim
Ethan Mister Abilities Good at math, athletic, helpful
Alex The Fast Master Cool, fast strong
Angelena The Nerdy Angel Loves math and reading, good BFF
Nassir Shazzam Fast, has animal powers & telepathy
Hazel Cheese Skier Risk taker, skier, likes smelly cheese
Jaden Techno Loves technology and water, loves to color
First Superhero Super Powers
Ian Edog Works out every day, likes to dig, smart
David Dahhhhvid Good at sports and art, funny
Ramel Ramel Junior Athletic, smart, fresh
Ma’kayla Bluelishes Smart, creative, good dancer
Benjamin Smart Aleck Smart, creative, persistent, a challenger, bookish
Jala Super Pretty Artistic, smart, pretty
Talan Swagit Great smile, kind, courageous, wide receiver
Roger Swag King Smart, strong, ladies man, creative, sporty
Jacob Sporttech Good at baseball and robotics
Finian Fin Has a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, loves monsters and the military
First Superhero Super Powers
Cooper Clark Kent Reader, curious, loves animals
Delonte Super D. Dances, raps, looks good
Malcolm Red Cross Imaginative, creative, resiliant
Christopher The Multi-Tasker Talent, respect, lobe/trust/caring
Daniel Funny D Funny, helpful, energetic
Benjamin Mixer Man Good at basebal and math, smart, curious
Bryce 39 Sporty, fast
Bo B. Master Baseball star, cooker, master-mind
Alex Thunder Ball Soccer star, smart, game master
Evan Evan the Cheese Man Likes cheese, from Italy, fast
Noah A.C.T. Athletic, Creative, Thoughtful
Vicente Multi V Athletic, smart, likes technology
Morgan Momo the Super Crazy Laser Eyes Laser eyes, super crazy, important jobs
Keith Boy Beast Atheletic, animal lover, cool
Mikalah Cheerkalah Helpful, good at dancing and cheering
Allison Skally Good at ice-skating, kind, fashionable
Malia Maweewee Book worm, bright/colorful, arm-hooper
Joniece Hyper Dance Helper, empathy, dancer
Ethan The Cheese Burrito Likes sports, video games, burritos
 The kids are taking the project very seriously; as Talan Manago puts it ”I get to add my own traits this time–not copy Super Man’s. I get to make stuff of my own, like designer stuff!… I even have my own logo already. “  For Niah Gamble, the reward is in acquiring a new skill, “I’m just now learning to sew for the very first time!”
DSC04608 Alex Daniel DSC04590 copy
The completed Super Heroes are on display in the ground floor gallery at HillCenter, 921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE throughout June. Ms. Bomba invites you to come visit and “take a moment to look closely at the detail, care and heart put into each Maury super hero.”   She is convinced that encouraging her students in a deep understanding of their own power to effect change will make our world a better place for all.
Article published in the Hill Rag and written by Elizabeth Nelson
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  1. What a super project! Imaginative, well-executed and fun! Thanks for giving the kids such a creative experience. Have a great time at the gallery opening.

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