Yes we CAN!

cansDo you all think you can turn your creative bottle collecting/recycling skills into even greater canned food collecting skills? I do!

First days of school 038Remember the 700+ bottles you all collected in record time? Check your pantries for a few spare cans and donate them to folks who really need them this holiday season (including your little artists, temporarily)

Beginning Tuesday morning, our plastic bin in the front lobby will begin collecting canned goods to donate to local food banks before the Thanksgiving holiday. Roughly 350 of those cans will be set aside and transformed into student art projects before being donated. We need your help securing at least enough cans for each student to create a funky new label in the Pop Art style made famous by artist, Andy Warhol.Warhol-Campbell_Soup-1-screenprint-1968
This unit will tie in service learning, our Ashoka empathy project, global and community connections, many art and design principles, as well as a nutrition unit. Ms. Hunt and I will be collaborating to make this project a cross curricular exploration for all grade levels. She will begin working with students to analyze nutrition labels and I will begin our Pop Art unit as soon as Chihuly wraps up (within the next 2 weeks)!
tom soup nutrition
Our goal is to have enough cans donated by Monday, November 4. Thanks to all of you for helping teachers plan rich units of study for our students and for helping out the greater community while doing so.
SPOILER ALERT: In preparation for our Pop Art unit of study, Ms. Bomba will be getting into the spirit during this year’s Book Character Costume parade. This year’s costume is guaranteed to be WEIRD!!

 Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes   –Andy Warhol

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