Great Schools. Great Artists. Great Spellers.


Hello fellow art (and spelling) enthusiasts!

It’s art show season in DC! Select Maury artists will be strutting their stuff at two major art shows in the next few weeks and we’d love your support in coming out to view the work while it’s on display at two local venues. See below for specifics.

On Thursday, May 23rd from 6 – 8 pm, the District of Columbia Public Schools will host its 2013 Annual Art Exhibition’s opening reception and gallery tour in partnership with DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities at 200 I (Eye) Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. The 2013 exhibit “Great Schools. Great Artists” will feature more than 500 artworks from pre-K through 12th grade at schools throughout each of DC’s eight wards. The artwork will be hung throughout the first floor of the building, including “Mainstreet” and the multipurpose room from May 23rd – June 9th. Below are the names of the 10 Maury artists whose work will be on display.

K: Adonis Valentine
1st: Amelia Huxley, Christian Alston, Anna Griffin, Carrie Roberts
3rd: Stella Drager, David Clayton
4th: Brittany Quintero, Nina Anderson
5th: Anna Robinson

On Wednesday, May 29 from 5 – 7 pm, the DC3 will host its Art Show and Spelling Bee at Walker Jones Education Campus. This event will serve as a chance for families of the collaborative to view additional student art work and witness the local championship spelling competition. Ms. Bomba and Mr. Rogers will co-host the Spelling Bee and we need your help cheering on our top spellers. Kerry Mullins and Nicola Plavisc will represent 3rd grade, Andrew Youcom and Isaac Smoker from 4th grade and Xavier Hill and Anna Robinson from 5th.

In addition to witnessing the intense sport of spelling, a series of 12 collaborative, Jackson Pollock-inspired paintings will be on display. These stunning panels are the work of our Preschool, PreK, 1st, 4th, and 5th grade students. They are large and mesmerizing and soon to become a permanent installation back home at Maury after the show!

Mark your calendars for two exciting events highlighting Maury student achievement!

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