What’s the Buzz?

I apologize to all my loyal studiomaury readers out there. There have just been so many exciting happenings at Maury that I can’t seem to upload pictures fast enough! Because the blog will likely take a rest this summer with less artists to document around school, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging quite so soon. Enjoy a brief and random recap of some of the latest and greatest work from Maury artists during the Spring of 2012!

Banyan Trees!

Kindergarten explores positive and negative space through their study of root and branch heavy Banyan Trees found in many parts of Asia

Third grade gets introduced to illusion artist, MC Escher,

students demonstrate the proper technique,

and before you know it, there are 22 illusionists creating deceptive 2D drawings that appear to be popping off the page!

Second grade has been hard at work designing and constructing vessels from everyday objects after studying the Zulu people of South Africa and their inventive new way of making baskets from recycled telephone wire.

Our vessels involved less weaving and tons more glue, tape, and paper mache!

4th and 5th grade are in the thick of their art history puppets thanks to many of your wonderful donations.

After weeks of construction and paper mache, I can’t wait to reveal the finished products soon!

Preschool and PreK have become experts on the moon as part of their rock study. We have mastered the lunar phases, created visual textures to mimic the rough terrain of our moon’s surface, and even carved the moon’s phases out of Oreos!

Fifth grade takes a field trip to pull screen prints at Lou Stovall’s home studio and visits his amazing printmaking exhibition at American University’s Katzen center

Lou reads his poetry before we tour the gallery

More to come soon on all art fronts. Stay tuned!

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