Texture Hunt = Best Day Ever!

In kindergarten, we’re studying the art element: TEXTURE as part of a larger unit on PRINTMAKING and SEASONAL CHANGE. Last week, Mrs. Battle’s class went on a texture hunt, not to be confused with a treasure hunt. We scoured the studio for creative textures and did crayon rubbings to document our findings. This quickly turned into a sock hoppin’ good time! There was so much laughter and excitement that I can’t wait til Friday when I can do it all over again with Mrs. Vick’s class!Our step up stool had a really fun polka-dot texture. Students created a special stool nook to take their rubbings. I couldn’t help but feel like we were scientists collecting data and taking readings.

Sole Mates: We learned that the soles of our shoes have some of the best textures to keep us from slipping on rainy, icy days like today. These girls were sitting in a star pattern, taking advantage of the latest foot fashions. With colorful tights like those, their shoes must have an equally entertaining print.

We LOVED Damaya’s shoe texture!

My boots proved to be pretty boring in comparison. We should have barefoot studio days more often!

I love how this artist chose to color code his textures.

The bumpy wall created a fun, rough texture. Below the dry erase board was also the perfect place for kindergarteners to crouch under.

Drying rack? Yes ma’am!

Is she collecting the texture of my grapefruit? Why not!

Thanks, Kindergarten, for making my job so much fun!

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