Don’t Stop Believing

I’ll preface this post by saying that the 4th graders LOVE to sing in the art studio. The other day as we were painting away, one of our less shy artists began singing Journey’s classic hit, Don’t Stop Believing, acapella. When I inquired about his song choice, the class proceeded to tell me that last year in chorus, Mrs. May taught them the lyrics and since then, it has remained a class favorite. I too love to belt out Don’t Stop Believing at the top of my lungs in the car, at weddings, and with friends.

Sooooooo, as students were busy mixing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors to create all twelve colors represented on the color wheel, and doing a fine job of it, I thought I’d reward their effort with their favorite song.

For the most part, the impromptu karaoke session did not interrupt our work ethic but did provide some group morale, which is what we all need on a Tuesday afternoon before dismissal.

Sit back, enjoy the show, and stay tuned for our collaborative class color wheel which will be on display in the hallway soon!


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