There’s nothing like an earthquake to get you excited about learning!

Hello studiomaury readers! Welcome to the official blog of room E220, Maury Elementary School’s spankin’ new art studio! After surviving an earthquake registering at a magnitude of 5.9 on the Richter Scale, I’d say there is nothing we can’t handle this school year. I’d like to draw special attention to the students of Ms. Hanni and Mrs. Jones’ class who handled the tremor with wide-eyed curiosity and composure. Here’s to us, guys! I will remember you always as the brave art students with whom I experienced my very first quake.

The earthquake is stealing the show–this blog is about ART! I hope you all tune in often to read about the happenings of our exciting new studio space and the artists who inhabit it. I cannot wait to get through the first week of logistics and procedures and dive into some real creation and learning. All I ask is that students respect their teachers, the materials, the art, and each other.

Thanks again to all the families who dropped in this weekend to help get the studio up and running. I appreciate your involvement and commitment to your child’s learning environment.

To a great year full of art and growth!


Ms. Bomba

Cubism? OR exactly 100 boxes of miscellaneous art supplies piled ceiling high in the new studio. Welcome to Maury, y’all!

And I’m spent! The studio on day 2 of the massive unpacking marathon. What a transformation!

Our computer lab and extensive art library, arranged thoughtfully by one of our fabulous parent volunteers on School Beautification Day. Many thanks to all who attended to get Maury in tip top shape!

Can you say, granite counter tops? Faucets coming soon!

Ask your child to tell you about Positive Paws, the new behavior management plan being implemented by all special subject classes this year. In the art studio we are focused on receiving 4s in all categories: Collaboration, Craftsmanship, Respect for Materials, Studio and Work, and lastly, Risk Taking. Students vote on their performance at the end of each day. The class that earns perfect 4s in all special subject classes for one week will be publicly recognized for their success.

Today we decorated our sketchbooks and learned about how artists use sketchbooks to enhance their own creativity. Some artists jot down notes, write poems, sketch drafts of future works of art, and glue inspirational images in their sketchbooks. On page one of their sketchbooks, our students finished the sentence, “This year in art class I hope to …” Some illustrated the conclusion of the sentence while others used words to express themselves.

The newest addition to the Maury Family! Our brand new, front loading, electric kiln for firing our ceramic creations! We will have to conduct a naming contest soon, for all great kilns must have a name.

8 thoughts on “There’s nothing like an earthquake to get you excited about learning!

  1. Nice Job Ms. Bomba. You “rock the house!” No earthquake pun intended. Maury Elementary is lucky to have an amazing art teacher like you.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe there is a kiln! Will there be an abundance of coffee mugs in our future?

    Really great job with the blog. Thank you for sharing!

  3. this is great! thanks so much for doing it. You should keep a list here of supplies you need and update it as needed so we know.

  4. I feel lucky to have a teacher with such enthusiasm, creativity and initiative for our children. Art has often been one of my childrens’ favorite specials….and it is likely to hit that level again this year! WELCOME AND THANK YOU MS. BOMBA!!

  5. Wow! I’m really impressed! Thanks so much for sharing with us, and I second Antonia’s suggestion about the supply list. Art is not my child’s “go to” activity, but I have a feeling that if anyone can change that, it’s Ms. Bomba. I look forward to meeting you!

  6. I love the blog and look forward to a lot of teacher insights on what is going on at Studio Maury this year! The new room looks fabulous, and I’m sure it’s going to support a lot of great creativity.

  7. My son Tommy is in Ms. Levin’s class and I would be happy to help with anything 🙂
    (I’m an art teacher in Fairfax County and I’m free on Fridays)

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